Quality Chimney Repairs and Rebuilding Services

When is the last time you had your chimney checked out? The experts at Sweep-N-Scan Inc are here to make sure your chimney is safe for your home and your family. Rather than a complete renovation, your chimney might just need a few small repairs. Our team will check out your chimney and make expert repair recommendations.

Is It Time to Restore Your Chimney?

Like everything else, your chimney can age and there will come a time when it's going to need rebuilding. The specialists at Sweep-N-Scan Inc have the tools and experience necessary to restore your chimney to its former glory.

Rebuilding services can make your chimney more stable and secure, preventing it from becoming a safety issue for your home.
Chimney service

Full-Service Repairs

  • Chimney caps installation
  • Flue repairs and relining
  • Smoke chamber repairs
  • Damper repairs
  • Firebox repairs
  • Clean-out door repairs
  • Masonry chimney rebuilding
Chimney repair

Additional Chimney Services

Proper repairs and rebuilding projects are necessary to keep your chimney safe, but don't forget about other required maintenance! Talk to us today about our cleaning and relining services.
Emergency services are available!
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