Complete Chimney Cleaning Services

A fireplace is a cozy addition to any room, but making sure your fireplace chimney is clean is important to the safety of your home. Sweep-N-Scan Inc is here to evaluate your chimney and advise you on the best cleaning solution.

Professional Preventative Maintenance

Chimney flues need regular sweeping to function properly. Many people do not realize that often times there are multiple flues within the same masonry chimney. Each flue should be checked and brushed as needed. Fireplace flues should be swept every other year or more often if used frequently.

Wood stove flues MUST be swept each and every year. Furnace flues, gas or oil, should be swept every 3 years to ensure proper ventilation and to avoid potential blowbacks in the home. You may not realize that a yearly maintenance done on the heating unit by a technician does not include brushing of the flue.
Chimney cleaning

Benefits of Working With Us

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Regular cleaning and maintenance also check for possible carbon monoxide leaks from your chimney flue. Our specialists can service your wood, oil and gas chimneys!
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